KT Birding Guiding birders to Pacific Northwest grouse, ptarmigan, woodpeckers, owls, wintering finches & select shorebirds
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About Khanh Tran & KT Birding Guide Services

We had a wonderful trip with Khanh.  He is great company, he knows where the birds are and is a very skilled birder. We got all of our targets and had the pleasure of amazing scenery in one of the nation's best birding states.
Jeff Peters, Boston, Massachusetts 

Khanh Tran has more than 25 years of birding experience.  He has traveled and birded extensively in Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Alaska and in the Yukon and Northwest Territories.  His photos have been published in birding guides and as part of scientific papers.  You can see more of his photos at http://www.pbase.com/spruce_grouse

I began birdwatching at a very young age. For me, birding is more than seeing a bird and marking it off a checklist list; it is a passion. Guiding and bird photography is a natural extension of this passion.

I get pleasure getting to know the birds by studying their plumage, behaviors, habits, and habitats.  As a life-long birder, I feel very fortunate for every chance I get to be in the field because there is always something special to see. My enthusiasm is enhanced whenever I can share the birds in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with other people.

Khanh Tran

I have birded with  Mr. Tran since February 2005 and with each subsequent birding expedition I become more and more amazed at his birding skills....His eyesight is incomparable to the point of being unbelievable; for example he can see birds in the dark, and that is not an exaggeration.  And one would think he has a bionic ear!  Put bluntly, hands down he is the very best.
Mike Marsh, 
Tacoma, Washington 
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