KT Birding Guiding birders to Pacific Northwest grouse, ptarmigan, woodpeckers, owls, wintering finches & select shorebirds
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 KT Birding provides personal and custom guiding service for 1 to 5 people seeking target species in Oregon and Washington.  Khanh Tran specializes in owls, woodpeckers and gallinaceous birds.  Khanh has more than 25 years of birding experience.  He has traveled and birded extensively in the Northwest, from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge to the Yukon.  You can see more of his bird photos by clicking this link:
Khanh has what can only be described as amazing karma when it comes to birds.  I have been led by some of the best in the West and I include Khanh in that category.
Tom Mansfield, Seattle, Washington 
His enthusiasm for birding can't be matched.  He loves finding new birds for the people he is guiding. His excitement is contagious.   I really think I improved as a birder from each trip I took with him, plus I added a bunch of birds to my life list.
Bill Bradford
Portland, Oregon 

He took an almost totally non-overlapping list of wanted birds from a  friend and me and came up with an outstanding itinerary for us to get them all.  I ...would highly recommend him to anyone interested in the harder-to-find birds of the Pacific Northwest.
                                        Rob Parsons, Winnipeg, Manitoba 
All photos on this site were taken by Khanh Tran with a Olympus C770 Ultrazoom 10X digital camera. All photos copyright Khanh B. Tran, no use without prior permission.
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