KT Birding Guiding birders to Pacific Northwest grouse, ptarmigan, woodpeckers, owls, wintering finches & select shorebirds
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Services, Rates & Costs

Khanh Tran organizes personal and custom birding trips (non-pelagic) through the beautiful Pacific Northwest during all seasons to help you find, and photograph, target species.  He will adapt his pace, the amount of walking and the hours devoted to birding each day to fit your preferences and schedule and will work with you to find the best days for your trip.

I strive to enhance your experience with the Pacific Northwest birds and nature.  

Guiding Service Rates

Charges for up to 10  hours of birding  

$250 day for 1 person
$400 day for 2 people
$480 day for 3 people
$640 day for 4 people
$140/day/person for 5 or more 
$10/hour per person for more than ten hours

                                                         Additional Charges

  • Khanh Tran gasoline expenses to rendezvous point:  Portland $0   Seattle $60   Ellensburg  $75
  • Clients provide a car or van and pay for gas
    Clients pay for Khanh Tran's lodging for overnight trips
    Clients pay for their own food, drinks, lodging and incidentals

Assistance with Lodging Reservations and Lunches on Birding Days

Khanh Tran can make lodging arrangements in consultation with you and will arrange for snacks, drinks and sack lunches during birding days.

 Mt. Adams from the Conboy Wildlife Refuge in south central Washington.
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